Welcome to Redfish Technologies Support Portal

Welcome to the Redfish Support Portal.

You can request support by performing any of these four methods


  1. Login to the support portal if you are a user who is already registered or you have requested support via emailing us before.  Use your email address to login.

    Note: Users who have requested a
    support via email may need to request a password on the first login attempt

  2. Use the submit a request link at the top of this page

  3. Send an email to support@redfishtechnologies.com.au
  4. Phone 1300 764 300 and leave a detailed message.  This will generate a support ticket that can be reviewed by our support team.

When requesting support please try and provide as much information as possible so we may be able to determine the issue faster.  Use this helpful list as an aid to providing us this information.

  • Provide any error messages or error output associated with the issue your seeing.
  • Provide as many details related to the issue as possible. if possible capture the issue using a screen garb or camera phone.
  • Provide the hardware and/or software products and versions details
  • If the issue is on a computer please indicate the Operating System e.g. Windows 7 and version Service Pack 1
  • Determine if this problem has occurred before, or if this is an isolated incident.
  • Determine what occurred before the problem was detected.
  • Determine if any changes have been made recently to the system.
  • Provide any metadata or audio/video which would be able to help us recreate the issue being seen.


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